Sunday, 10 July 2011

tg harapan tinggal HARAPAN.

huhh merajukkkkkkkkkkkk (T_T) sob2

klang? NOPE !
from dis >> GM KLANG or jusco bukit tinggi + tg harapan...
 ended up
*making cekodok for myself.
*ignore cooking guna spoon. i like. & 1st time buat cekodok menjadi wpun sakit hati

but yesterday, he has pushed me buying dis;

*demi curve straight cut levi's jeans which cost me.....

not that COSTly when u buy it at levi's outlet store..
mine was bought at levi's LEISURE MALL cheras.
GO ! check it out ~
50% ok .. spend smart haha

*well i love it anyway.. show-off my curve. well it helps. i have HUGE stomach huu.....

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