Thursday, 11 August 2011

oreo cheesecake

salam, heyyy~

uhh. looks yummy kn? 

i've tried once but it doesn't turn that nice but still yummy. the worst part is lovey doesn't like the taste *i put lemon. sikit je da rasa masam lemon; which i like & he didn't. luckily mine do look like a cake but not for kaklong. we came to her house on weekend & her cake emm i need to say.. melt. not freeze but so tasty - lovey keep eating it with bread - macam jem oreo + cheese. hehe 

sape nak cuba? lepas buat, kasi saya sikit ehh haha..

find it here - english
also here - malay language haa

ok. have fun ! nak buat masa hari tunang nanti. wahh angan2.. ! haha

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