Monday, 24 October 2011

fresh flower hunting.

salam :)

i am not a FLOWER girl types. so i didnt actually know about flower. lucky bringing my aunties, they really appreciate flower *i do, but i love taking pictures of the flower instead of having them. they are crazy over gerbera and daisy. i didnt really sure, but not roses of course. hihi

carnation. pink colour for my bouquet.

imagine something like dis.

already booked carnation, baby breath & other two flowers - sorry i forgot the names.

these flowers are for sirih junjung & hand bouquet. i heart pink carnation so much. bole guna untuk majlis tandang jugak tak? emm my baju nikah is mint green, like this colour but softer. with a touch of peach lace...

dunno whether it suit the flower. should i change to red/ burgundy colour flower sebab baju kaler soft. the florist say red is disaster. huu kill the softness of those pastel colour..
owh, i think i need dis flower as my dress is off-white :)

nikah shoe is plain white. emm shoe too, mcm didnt suit mint green, peach lace & pink flower. kan?


  1. carnation mmg cantik~ i pun HB masa majlis ai carnation

  2. really? ni raden kan? :)
    mula mmg nk roses jek la, cam biasa.. tgk bunga lily mahal haha pastu cina florist tu kata, nah tgk carnation, kaler pastel baju tu amik pink. wahh terus jatuh hati!