Tuesday, 29 November 2011


i am MORE than interested to see dis person. Not about money, but i need some explanation.

 Facebook: Syd Charice
blog: page
FAN Page
last address: A-10-03 Ampang Putra Residency
Jalan Putra 6, Taman Putra Sulaiman
68000 Ampang
last phone no: 019-2028054

be a PRO! do respond, chickEN!

at 5.20pm she did replied my fb pm. she confirmed to come on 7jan with 2 other ppl. i do not know further movement should i decide, i have to think fast! well others, yg masih sempat cari org lain.. mungkin kamu harus cari alternatif.. my question has been answered after all....


  1. die tuka no fon ke ana? ni la pempuan yg dimaksudkannye tu erk? tgk dlm fan page tu ramai yg dah mengamuk

  2. x tukar.. latest update phone prob..
    ana pening xtau nk proceed ke x.. but klu dia nk ana x join yg lain2, better gimme date post wed & all nikah pics + 1 album dulu. sekian. *i am trying to be polite :P

  3. ana, tak nak cr back up ke?
    Takut gak pa pe jadi nnt terus xde memori.

  4. back up... sedara + kwn jek setakat ni. huu x balik lg, try tny mak andam tu depa de jgk contact :) no choice..